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here is a summary of changes:
  * Localization
    Since WML 1.99.5, locales are initialized in wml_p2_mp4h
    to C, and can be modified via <mp4h-l10n>.  As i already
    reported, this caused trouble because there is no way to
    change locales in a portable way.
    So i decided to change initial value, locales are now those
    of the user environment.
    I will be glad to hear comments about these 2 approaches.
  * Syntax change in the <let> tag
  * Upgrade tidy to tidy30apr00
  * Many changes in Makefiles
  * Better handling of trailing slashes in simple tags
  * plus many bugfixes

See the ChangeLog file for a more detailed description:

Denis Barbier
WML Maintainer

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