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A bit long: What is the right way to add extensions to wml?

There are a few things I want to do to WML, and I am not sure what is the
right way to do them, so I will propose them here, and if anyone has any
input, please make sure to include me in the email list, as I am not
currently subscribed to the WML list...though this may change if there is
interest in this stuff.

Here are the things I am considering:

#1: Adding an XHTML option to (possibly htmlstrip). This would be nothing
more than lowercasing all element names and attributes, and double quoting
attribute values. I think it can all be done inside of StripHTMLTag, part
of htmlstrip (pass 8). I am definitely going to be doing this somehow, I
am just wondering if you all have any input on whether this would be good
for the "language proper", perhaps as a level in htmlstrip. Notice I am
not looking to do validation or anything in this stage.

#2: Adding #if, #else, and #endif in pass 1. This is still in the "idea"
phase, not even sure if it would be useful. I'm sure I am not the first
person to approach this subject, so if someone could quickly enlighten
me (please don't flame me...I'm really a nice guy!) on the current
theory/plans/reasoning here, I'd really appreciate it.

#3: Perhaps adding a pass that runs the phase 9 output through a
validator? Again, still in the idea phase.

Also, in general, if I want to extend WML, is it possible to add
additional phases?

All in all, WML is really cool. I am really excited about what this can do
for some of my projects, plus I finally understand why divert and dump
exist in general! :)

Thanks for your time, all.

	--Joey Smith

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