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Re: wml::std::page

Tue, 9 May 2000 23:20:08 +0200 (CET), Denis Barbier wrote:
> Anyway, i now agree that this patch is useless (and will be removed),
> an efficient solution (certainly what Jan had in mind) is to write
>   #use wml::std::page
>   #use wml::std::info
>   <page
>      title="Some title"
>   >
>   <head>
>   <info style=meta
>      description="This is a fabolous site"
>      keywords="Sex, drugs, rock, roll"
>   >
>   </head>

Yes, of course, forgot the <head>-tag. I suggest to enhance the 
<info>-tag to include custom headers. I have modified it a little to
have it include cascading style sheets. But it would be fine to
have a more flexible way, e.g. like the following:

<info style=custom
<meta http-equiv="content-style-type" content="text/css">
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="$(STYLESHEETS)/screen.css">

Those two lines would be taken by <info> and (without
modifacation) placed in the header-section.


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