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Re: Suggestion about documentation

On Thu, 11 May 2000, Jan Holler wrote:

> I see the online-documentation of wml is being worked over.
> You guys make a great work.
> Would there be too much hazzle to put the older mhc documentation
> back on the net? I miss it a bit. (Yes I have the old
> manpage, but I like to have all together online).

Online documentation is build directly from WML sources.  In a future
post i will discuss the ability to locally build HTML documentation.

When briowsing the WML site (e.g. under docs/backend/) replace html
suffix by wml, and you read its source.  You will see that these wml
files use wml::imp::generic to import either plain text or pod files.
These files are soft links, e.g. wml_p5_divert.pod points to
../../distrib/latest/wml_backend/p5_divert/divert.src where
distrib/latest/ is the latest stable release.  This is great, because
after having unpacked a new release under distrib/, all i have to do is
to run WMk in docs/backend/.

The only exception is mp4h, because its documentation must be processed
through mp4h to build either pod or html documentation. So i build
mp4h.pod and copied it into docs/backend.

I did not remove documentation for mhc, so it is still available at

Denis Barbier
WML Maintainer

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