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Re: Problem with ifeq under 2.0.0


On Fri, 19 May 2000, Denis Barbier wrote:

> Indeed this form is no more valid.  The patch below allows it, but it
> won't work when nesting more levels.

so, if I wanted to implement nested ifeq's I -in my case- have to do it
that (simple) way:

old version:
#use blupp.wml area=service page=ae IMG=img SNB_RC=service.wmlsnb

new version:
#use blupp.wml area=service page=service_ae IMG=img SNB_RC=service.wmlsnb

In blupp.wml:

<!-- BEGIN select logo -->
<ifeq "$(page)" "news"       <IMG SRC="img/header-news.jpg">>
<ifeq "$(page)" "service_al" <IMG SRC="img/header-al.jpg">>
<ifeq "$(page)" "service_oa" <IMG SRC="img/header-oa.jpg">>
<ifeq "$(area)" "service_ae" <IMG SRC="img/header-ae.jpg">>
<ifeq "$(area)" "service_kw" <IMG SRC="img/header-kw.jpg">>
<ifeq "$(area)" "gaestebuch" <IMG SRC="img/header-gaestebuch.jpg">>
<!-- END select logo -->

My point for the whish list should be clear... ;-)

cu - Michael
Michael Kress / kress@hal.saar.de / coroner@irc
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