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[BUG REPORT] WML 2.0.0, redhat 6.1


Package: WML 2.0.0
Operating System: redhat 6.1

Problem Description:
| Two brief problems, which are easily got round by protecting the section, but!
| Firstly, ASP:
| I'm using quite a bit of asp for dynamic generation of forms/images/etc and
| I have the problem that if I update something within a tag, it gets formatted:
| eg: <img src="/images/<%=category%>.gif">
| parses to <img src="/images/<%=category%" alt="">.gif>
| so breaking my code (the asp tag is <% %> for code and 
| to simply write the value of a var it is <%= %>)
| I'm new to wml, and the only thing I can think of is defining
| a tag <asp> to be  translated to <protect><%, and </asp> to be
| %></protect>, but this would stop me from doing literal substitution
| Secondly, Javascript:
| again coul be got round using protection, but I occasionally need
| to alter Literal values in the script, so it gets messy, but
| when I to something like
| eg: var d=document; 
| parses to var d="document;"
| which breaks the code.
| Many thanks
| Will
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