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Re: Problem with ifeq under 2.0.0

Hello Denis and Roland!

On Fri, 19 May 2000, Roland Rosenfeld wrote:
> Why do I have to quote the double-quotes in the <img> tag, while I am
> not allowed to quote them in the <url> tag (see my other mail)?
> This doesn't sound logical to me...

To conclude all the experiences:

>--- input file ---<
#use wml::std::href

<ifeq 0 0 "<img src="foo.png" alt="">">
<ifeq 0 0 "<href url="foo.png">">
<ifeq 0 0 "<img src=\"foo.png\" alt=\"\">">
<ifeq 0 0 "<href url=\"foo.png\">">

>--- ouput (wml -p12) ---<
<img src=foo.png alt=>

   <a href="foo.png"><tt>foo.png</tt></a>

<img src="foo.png" alt="">

   <a href=""foo.png""><tt>"foo.png"</tt></a>

>--- end of output ---<

I think, this should be treated as bug - the interface to the user must be
transparent, independent if it's a HTML or a defined tag. The user (which
may not know the secrets inside the included modules) cannot distinguish
between tags, which are defined by WML, and standard HTML tags.

In fact, some HTML tags can be and are redefined by WML (which means
substituted by a WML tag with the same name) e. g. <head>.

Let's solve it!



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