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Re: [wml] [LONG][RFC] WML 2.0.0, quotes and tags

Today you sent me mail regarding [wml] [LONG][RFC] WML 2.0.0, quotes and tags:

*> 4. What must be changed?
*> =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
*> I agree with your bug reports, it is a very bad idea to have different
*> behaviours depending whether tags are defined or not.
*> Of course it is easy to consider that unknown tags are simple tags, this
*> will fix
*>     <ifeq 0 0 <img src="foo.png" alt="">>
*> But it breaks
*>     <: print "<img src=\"" . $file . "\" alt=\"" . $alt ."\">"; :>
*> And even worse, consider
*>     <: print <<EOT;
*>     Hey, how to finish this pseudo EOT tag?
*>     EOT
*>     :>
*> In fact i focused my view on these last topics, to ease mixing ePerl and
*> mp4h, but i did not realize that this syntax was confusing.
*> Now that the problem is clearly (?) expressed, it should be solved
*> quickly ;-)

the problem in my eyes is that you try to anticipate what will be
done in a later pass with the input ... and this will always be a
problem ... (I give that it is possible to anticipate some problems
and behave in a way to make them simpler ...) 

As for above problems I guess the behaviour of mp4h should be to
only parse VALID structures and leave everything which is invalid
alone ... For bad cases like the one above it is up to the author
to make sure things work (this can be confusing ...)

In essence we need a way to protect < and > from being looked at by
mp4h as well as probably a way to force mp4h to look at them in a
protected context ...

A simple way would be to make

<: and <perl> start this protection and :> and </perl> to stop it

... there shold also be a way to protect a single < or > eg by
doing \> or \<. This should only have an effect in UNPROTECTED
areas ...

In protected areas there might be something like <mp4h></mp4h> to
renable mp4h parsing ...

just babeling

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