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Re: [LONG][RFC] WML 2.0.0, quotes and tags

On Mon, 22 May 2000, Roland Rosenfeld wrote:

> Wouldn't it be better to completely change the syntax of <ifeq> like
> this:
> <ifeq this="0" that="0">
>   <then>
>      foo
>   </then>
>   <else
>      bar
>   </else>
> </ifeq>
> The <else> tag is optional.  This looks much more like HTML and it
> should be easier to cascade multiple <ifeq> constructs.  Similar
> syntax for <ifneq> and <if> (the latter seems to be near to the <when>
> tag).

That would be great !!  This is really intuitive.
Before 2.0.0 (i.e. when nested ifeq's used to work) it has always been a
nuissance to count the closing ">"s after a ifeq-nesting party.
OK, here you still had to count the </ifeq>s. :-)
ciao - Michael
Michael Kress / kress@hal.saar.de / coroner@irc
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