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Re: [LONG][RFC] WML 2.0.0, quotes and tags

Hello Denis! Hello List!

On Mon, 22 May 2000, Denis Barbier wrote:
> > This is shorter and needs only the implementation of an <else> tag (and
> > I'd like to suggest an <elsewhen>, too)...
> Sounds great! I do not know whether it is doable (next time you could
> provide a patch too ;-))

I made a look into the sources of mp4h and was very impressed :-) To
provide a patch I'd have to understand lots of code which wasn't possible

> I am quite conservative and this suggestion does not break previous
> files, it is IMO a very nice idea.
> If there is no objection, i'll try to implement it.

:-) Would be fine!

> There could be some discussion whether the <else> clause is a single or
> complex tag.

Single tag, because:

<when something>
lets dance
lets rock

The </when> implicates the end of the else clause... 

And I would like the <elsewhen> really because the <var-case>[1] tag seems
to be that `complicate' like the <if> tag ;-) (and IMO has to be
implemented also as simple tag for the same reasons as above)

[1] <var-case> supports execution of multiple branches (rules) in one run,
but doen't offer a default rule - A construcion of <when><elsewhen>...
<else></when> allows the execution of only one branch but offers a
default rule - therefore the nomination of <var-case> is given as
example of a tag which does similar things but not exact the same :-)



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