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first try, first suggestion


i have to maintain pages generated by Adobe GoLive misused as simple
html-editor. All pages are created by cut and paste, no templates no
nothing (http://dogwood.fernuni-hagen.de/bachelor), an absolute
maintenance horror.

I wanted to use the navbar macros to centralize it a little bit. Navbar
forces one to decide between an image button or text. The mentioned
pages use links with buttons AND images. I found it easy to patch
navbar.wml to create navbars with both. I simply added $txt to the
generated anchor string. It would also be handy to have rollover with
image AND text. Are there any objections?

Fritz Heinrichmeyer mailto:fritz.heinrichmeyer@fernuni-hagen.de
FernUniversitaet Hagen, LG ES, 58084 Hagen (Germany)
tel:+49 2331/987-1166 fax:987-355 http://www-es.fernuni-hagen.de/~jfh
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