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Re: WML embbeded in XSL.

On Sunday 9 March 1997, at 10 h 9, the keyboard of "Mugdhaa" 
<mugdhaa.dhobley@mphasis.com> wrote:

> 1. I want to embbed WML/WML Script in XSL and see the output in a =
> simulated environment. How can i go about it and where will i get the =
> simulated environment.
> 2. Could u please send me a sample code of XSL embbeding WML.

You should elaborate because I hardly see what you are trying to do. WML is for HTML, it's a way to get practical work done, even with the limitations of HTML.

I'm not sure it has a meaning with XML, where you can use pure XSL (or DSSSL or your-favorite-programming-language/DOM) to get the same effects you get with WML.

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