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Re: [wml] Re: WML 2.0.1

On Fri, May 26, 2000 at 10:20:21AM +0200, Tobias Oetiker wrote:
> lets have an example .... <BLA></BLA> and <BLB></BLB> are complex
> tags both defined in mp4h:

I'll try.

> 1) <H1>hello<BLA>hello</H1></BLA>

Expand BLA and interpret H1 as text.

> 2) <BLB>hello<BLA>hello</BLB></BLA>

Expand BLB, and don't expand BLB. Alternatively, print an error because
BLA is not terminated within BLB.

> 3) <BLA>hello</BLB></BLA>

Error. BLB has no opening. Alternatively, interpret BLB as text.

> 4) <BLA><perl>print "<BLB>"</perl></BLB></BLA>

Because perl is run after mhc, I'd either make <perl></perl> protect its
interior from mhc, thus resulting in example 3. If you make
perl-non-protecting, you expand both of them. <BLB> then has "</perl> as

> 5) <BLA><BLA><perl>print "</BLA>"</perl></BLA>

same as above. Either you have one unclosed <BLA> or you get strange
results %)

> 6) <BLA <BLB>></BLB>></BLA> or <BLA <BLB>></BLB></BLA>

expand BLA with argument <BLB> and %body </BLB>>
expand BLA with argument <BLB> and %body </BLB>

both behave essentially the sames as (3)

> 7) <BLA <BLB></BLA></BLB>></BLA>

Just pass "<BLB></BLA></BLB>" as parameter.

> what should now happen when each of the lines above gets processed ...

That's how i see it.

I think you examples are overly complicated and most of them should
simply fail because that's not legal input.

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