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Re: WML 2.0.1

On Fri, 26 May 2000, Matthias Bernhardt wrote:

> You are right, as it's obvious now, that this is a serious flaw
> in the current version of mp4h, it should be discussed first,
> and then implemented. Already too bad, that 2.0.0 is `buggy',
> one should try to fix that in not too many new versions.

With politically correct words, i would rather say that pass 2 in WML
2.0.0 had a ``different behaviour''  ;-)

> To me it appears very desirable, if it was not necessary
> to tamper ePerl code in WML files by protecting brackets.
> To get rid of the need to protect brackets, I suggest to
> implement the <: and :> tags into the mp4h Parser, so ePerl
> code would not be evaluated except constants, which is 
> everything in "" quotes or in so-called "here" documents (<<).

Some people use WML to generate pages which are processed through PHP,
ASP, ePerl, ... by the web server.  And you do not know which delimiter
is used (see options -B and -E of ePerl).

Denis Barbier
WML Maintainer

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