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Re: feature query

On Sun, 28 May 2000, Tom Gilbert wrote:

> Sorry, me again. (so many questions).
> Is it possible to import content from an external program during Pass
> 1? I know I can import stuff using ePerl, but that stuff would have to
> be pre-marked-up, as it wouldn't go through pass 2 (macro expansion).
> <verbatim>
> #import `fortune`
> </verbatim>

Good idea, i will implement it if there is no objection (with #include
instead of #import).

Note that you can do it yourself with the -P flag: 
  wml -P ./wml-import.pl file.wml
---------------- wml-import.pl ----------------
while ($line = <>) {
    if ($line =~ m|^#import `(.*)`$|) {
        print qx/$1/;
    } else {
        print $line;
------------ end of wml-import.pl -------------

Denis Barbier
WML Maintainer

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