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Re: [wml] Re: [wml] e) or f) : unknown tags parsing

On Mon, 29 May 2000, Tobias Oetiker wrote:

> So how about this:
> In the old metahtml it was possible to protect a tag (maybe this
> is still the case today) by putting a * into the tag name
> <table*>....</table*> so how about requiering these starts to be
> present in all tags which should be parsed as simple  tags and
> never redefined by wml ... 

This is indeed still possible, because it is not handled by pass 2, but
by wml itself.  In few words, an asterisk is allowed in tag name, so
even if <table> is defined, <table*> is not (until specifically
redefined) and asterisks are removed after pass 2.

> For Denis example this would look like this
> <XXX></XXX> and <YYY></YYY> are complex tags
> In a Navbar like environment we want to do something like this:
> Using strict parsing this would not be allowed on the other hand if
> we at some point redefine <TABLE> in wml everything will break.
> So instead we require that the user marks table as NON parsable
> simple tags by writing:
> <TABLE> will now always remain <TABLE> in this context even if I
> redefine the normal <TABLE> tag to have some other meaning eg to
> work with layers or some other new technique ...

Yeap, great idea.

> As for the xhtml parsing rules I would love to see them added
> optionally ... 

Sure, everyone agrees that WML is too simple, having different
behaviours depending on some command line options will make WML more
spicey ;-)

> <BR*/> or <BR*> for that matter ... 

But <br> is a simple tag, so <br/> is sufficient ;-)

Here is the proposed syntax for parsing unknown tags:
- they are complex by default
- when there is a trailing slash or when tag name ends with an asterisk, 
  it is a simple tag

Sounds good.

Denis Barbier
WML Maintainer

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