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different behaviour ;-)

On Sun, 28 May 2000, Denis Barbier wrote:

DB> > [...] `buggy', [...]
DB> With politically correct words, i would rather say that pass 2 in WML
DB> 2.0.0 had a ``different behaviour''  ;-)

Sorry, I didn't want to blame you, I just think, that there
shouldn't be too much "different behaviour" between 2.0.x
versions on the one hand, but it should become as usable as
possible in a version number as small as possible. While Numbers
like 1.99.x _imply_ that things change a lot, one doesn't expect
that from 2.0.x versions ... I fear WMLs reputation could be
affected seriously if people start saying that you can't risk
to use even a "stable" version unless your reading the mailing
list on a daily base.

DB> Some people use WML to generate pages which are processed through PHP,
DB> ASP, ePerl, ... by the web server.  And you do not know which delimiter
DB> is used (see options -B and -E of ePerl).

Wouldn't such a -B and -E, if given, also be available to Pass 2
for evaluation?


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