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Re: feature query

On Sun, 28 May 2000, Tom Gilbert wrote:

TG> Right now, I can bring this stuff in, but either have to mark it up
TG> previously, or pull it into a file, run that through a separate wml
TG> process and then import the result (messy).

You could use a Makefile if you want, eg.

index.html: index.wml
	fortune >fortune.wml
	wml index.wml >index.html

<define-tag fortune>
#include fortune.wml

Today's Fortune is:

<table bgcolor="cccccc" width="80%" cellpadding="20">

The Makefile would keep you from forgetting to do it manually.
Sorry, that I'm so keen on Make, but since I use it anyway, so
in my environment it wouldn't be much of a change. You may as
well prefer Denis' more universal solution.

Greets, Matthias

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