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Re: feature query

* Matthias Bernhardt (matthb@guxhagen.net) wrote:
> On Sun, 28 May 2000, Tom Gilbert wrote:
> TG> Right now, I can bring this stuff in, but either have to mark it up
> TG> previously, or pull it into a file, run that through a separate wml
> TG> process and then import the result (messy).
> You could use a Makefile if you want, eg.
[ snip nice Makefile example ]
> The Makefile would keep you from forgetting to do it manually.
> Sorry, that I'm so keen on Make, but since I use it anyway, so
> in my environment it wouldn't be much of a change. You may as
> well prefer Denis' more universal solution.

That is indeed exactly as I was doing it :-) I regarded the intermediate
file an un-clean solution :) But only 'cos I am fussy, and an
#include `fortune`
is quite intuitive to me (it's C-like crossed with shell-like).

I'm using Denis' solution, 'cos once I've stuck -P wml-import.pl into my
$(WML_OPTS) in my Makefile, I can just #include `whatever` and not worry
about it :-)

The results (for what they're worth) can be seen at
http://www.linuxbrit.co.uk and I put the source online at
http://www.linuxbrit.co.uk/wml.html too.

I only discovered WML last Saturday, and I have lots more to learn,
(I am simultaneously learning perl, which I've always put off until now)
but so far I'm thrilled at the power WML gives me.

*Finally I can TRULY separate design from content*


Cheers guys,

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