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Re: WML 2.0.1

Hello Denis!

On Wed, 31 May 2000, Denis Barbier wrote:
> > expands to
> >      List of attributes: "blablabla"
> >      0: blablabla
> >      3: 
> > Where have 1 and 2 gone?

Strange - very strange. One explanation could be that MetaHTML splits up
the attributes in a way like:

List of attributes: "<bla><bla><bla "f o o">"
0: <bla><bla><bla f
1: o
2: o>

And processes this output where <bla f\n1: o\n2: o> build one tag. The
result of this is:

List of attributes: "blablabla"
0: blablabla

> I forgot to ask if you understand Meta-HTML quoting (%attributes is
> surrounded by quotes, unlike %<digit>).

No, I don't.

I didn't dig so deep in MetaHTML :-(

As far as I tested WML 2.0.1, everything seems ok but the necessary of
rewriting the HTML constructs in Perl - therefore I suggest that unknown
tags are simply ignored, and only known tags are splitted up in tokens.

While playing around, I understand the concept of WML 2.0.1 ;-) I think we
should leave it as is ;-)

Another thing: how can I print out warnings inside of eperl constructs
without stopping wml with an error message? I want something similar like
the <warn> tag of pass 2...

So far, so good,


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