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Re: wml with scripting languages

On Mon, Jun 05, 2000 at 07:56:34PM -0700, Afam Agbodike wrote:

> I'm administering a site with php as the scripting language, And I'd
> like to use wml to generate all sections of the site that do not use
> dynamic content, but still be able to scripting in the pages. The
> problem is that wml changes some escape characters, which need to be
> preserved within the script areas. I've already found that I can use the
> <protect> tag in these areas, but that is not sufficient, as I would
> have to change every single file to have the protect tag around the
> script areas.
> my scripts use <? and ?> as the opening and closing delimiters, it seems
> that there should be a way to prevent wml from acting within these
> regions, but I haven't found anything in the documentation describing
> how to do so.
> Could somebody please explain how this can be done?

Hi Afam,

the only simple solution is with <protect>. If you know Perl, you may cut and
paste the protect and unprotect routines in the wml binary, put protect in a
prolog filter (called with -P) and unprotect in a post-processor program
(called with -E).

This feature will be added in next release. But if you are running WML 2.x, i
could send a patch against mp4h to implement it.

Denis Barbier
WML maintainer

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