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Re: slices and optimize

Hi Fritz

Wed, 07 Jun 2000 08:04:54 +0200, you wrote:

> <img src="images/xxxxx<de: -de>.jpg" >

> Unfortunately in the htmlfix pass we have no valid image name so the
> slices have to be optimized separately. I am afraid the slice pass has
> to be the last one. Is this correct?

Yes. You'll find articles related to that subject in the
mailinglist. If you go this way, you'll avoid the troubles:

<en: <img src="images/xxxxx.jpg" > > \
<de: <img src="images/xxxxx-de.jpg" > >

The only drawback is to have a slice-mark for your default
images too.

Note: You have to write it in one line or use the \
otherwise you'll get a linebreak (which might ruin your
tabled screendesign).


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