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WML 2.0.1 and navbar


I upgraded to wml 2.0.1 a couple of days ago (or rather apt-get
upgraded me by force) and I'm having problems to convert my templates
to work with it.

When compiling my pages wml stops on pass 3 with a lot of eperl errors.
After some experimentation I found out that taking out the navbars
fixed the problem. Well, sort of. I need my navbars or the pages are
quite useless!

I couldn't find any documentation describing changes to the syntax of
navbar. Is there any?

I would appreciate any help. I'd be happy to provide more information
if you tell me what (I didn't include the output because eperl error
messages are usually not very useful).


  Yann Muller                  ymuller@darkriver.net

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