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Re: problems with the wml site

On Fri, Jun 09, 2000 at 09:06:44PM -0700, Afam Agbodike wrote:

> there seem to be a few formatting errors in the documentation section of
> the wml site, possibly other sections as well.
> for an example, see this page:
> http://www.engelschall.com/sw/wml/docs/backend/wml_p1_ipp.html
> many of the header sections are surrounded by <strong> tags, I don't
> think this is the way it is supposed to be. also, in places where the lt
> and gt should come out as < and >, they are being written to the page as
> &lt; and &gt; seems that the wml encoding is getting confused in those
> sections.

Hi Afam,

this is due to a bug in pod2html shipped with perl 5.00503.
Does someone has a workaround to protect angle brackets?

#----   test.pod   ------
=head1 NAME

=head2 B<test>
#----     EOF      ------

Denis Barbier
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