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Re: [wml] Re: [ANNOUNCE] WML 2.0.2

Hi Denis,

yes, took me a while to find out.


P.S.: Our main site is almost completely recompiled with 2.0.2, I am
      still finding some little mistakes in our .wml files, 2.0.2 is a
      lot pickier with the syntax than 1.7.4 was. Which is good.

      A quick comparison showed 2.0.2 to be about 30% faster than 1.7.4!

> Hi Fritz,
> you may use quotes as usual:
>   <if <match "<get-var HREF />" "^(ht|f)tp://" /> 
>      "(off-site)"
>      "<!--#config timefmt=\"%e&nbsp;%b&nbsp;%Y\" -->"
>   />

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