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Re: Idea of future enhancement of WML - Environment

On Tue, 11 Apr 2000 11:13:13 +0200 (MEST), Franz Knipp wote:

> Hello people!
> In addition to the discussion about nested tags I want to send the
> following proposal to the list.
> By accident I had a similar idea like Xose Manoel Ramos, perhaps because
> I'm in Spain at the moment ;-) (=A1Saludas de Valencia a Galicia!) and I
> sent it to Denis Barbier hours before reading his mail on the list.
> +---------- explanation start
> Environments: offer the same functionality like Containers with the
> enhancement, that inside HTML tags are expanded different that outside,
> if they are defined in that kind.
> A short example:
> <pic "maybe.png">          <!--- inserts a picture --->
> <envtable>                 <!--- start of environment --->
> <pic "other.png">          <!--- insert pictore according to the
>                                  surrounding environment --->
> </envtable>                <!--- end of environment --->
> The picture "maybe.png" is inserted in a general way but the picture
> "other.png" is inserted in a way that it fits the requirements of the
> environment "envtable".
Full message available at

Hi Franz,

i do not like this idea, because it is very confusing. And i could not
imagine the benefits of this approach. Could you send a nice example?

Denis Barbier
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