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Re: Welcome to the world, Noah!


System Engineer
Micom Co., Ltd

On Fri, 23 Jun 2000, Ralf S. Engelschall wrote:

> Welcome to the world, Noah!
> Three hours ago (at June 23th, 2000 - 4:08pm CET) our first kid was born: 
>    Noah Sebastian Engelschall, weight: 3690g, length: 52cm.
> Mother Daniela (27 years) and Noah (3 hours ;) are feeling very well!
> Father Ralf also still feels well... and now really understands why we
> men are considered snivelling and what OTOH our womans really accomplish
> in their life. I'm very proud.
> In case you're interested: we've chosen the first name Noah for him, because
> this name stands for "the bringer of ease and comfort" (according to the text
> books of names). And Daniela and I found it not unreasonable if at least one
> of our family members _at least by definition_ is more of a calming type ;)
> Yours,
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