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Re: Welcome to the world, Noah!

Congratulations, Ralf!  May Noah's presence bring you light and joy and
peace and comfort... and when he turns into a right horny toad around 16
or so years from now, may you have the patience and wisdom to explain to
him why he -shouldn't- give in to his glandular desires.

And may this new presence in your life be a gentle influence on you and
his mother, your wife, to recognize that the world is more than these
computers that we hold so near and dear to our hearts.  Balance... it's
all about balance.

Seriously, though, congratulations.  You're going to have a lot more of a
little bundle of joy around to make life all worthwhile.

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On Fri, 23 Jun 2000, Ralf S. Engelschall wrote:

> Welcome to the world, Noah!
> Three hours ago (at June 23th, 2000 - 4:08pm CET) our first kid was born: 
>    Noah Sebastian Engelschall, weight: 3690g, length: 52cm.
> Mother Daniela (27 years) and Noah (3 hours ;) are feeling very well!
> Father Ralf also still feels well... and now really understands why we
> men are considered snivelling and what OTOH our womans really accomplish
> in their life. I'm very proud.
> In case you're interested: we've chosen the first name Noah for him, because
> this name stands for "the bringer of ease and comfort" (according to the text
> books of names). And Daniela and I found it not unreasonable if at least one
> of our family members _at least by definition_ is more of a calming type ;)
> Yours,
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