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Re: [wml] Re: [wml] Re: [ANNOUNCE] WML 2.0.2

> No, since WML 1.7.3 it is recommended to write {#TITLE#} to prevent
> problems with pass 2. Oh shit wml_intro(7) mentions both syntaxes.
> All references to ..>>, <<.. and <<NAME>> must be removed from
> documentation, except a note in wml_p5_divert.

I guess I didn't look at the manual for a while ....
> > 3) This doesn't work anymore either (leads to a segmentation fault):
> > 
> >    <define-tag MYTAG>
> >    Whatever
> >    </define-tag MYTAG>
> > 
> >    You mustn't have an argument in the closing tag.
> Sure, but mp4h mustn't segfault :(
> The patch below fixes this bug, but this segfault should not occur.


> Could you send in my mailbox an input file which crashes mp4h?

I couldn't really find a small example. It did crash with our website
and it helped to remove some of the named </define-tag TAGNAME>
occurances. But there might have been something else that finally
caused the core dump.

As I fixed all the wml-input by now, I really can't reproduce
it. Perhaps it occurs again when I try to convert one of our other


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