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Re: #use / verbose level

Denis Barbier wrote:
> Sure, try with -v# where # is the verbosity level (between 1 and 9)
works fine, thnx

> Your error message means that you did not define any language with
> <lang:new>
I've defined it both in the input as in the layout file.
The problem is wml::std::lang, maybe I have to (re)define it's path because I
want to include it in the layout file

following test.wml produces this error
<------------ cut here --------------------->
#!wml -o (ALL-LANG_*)+LANG_EN:en.index.html \
	-o (ALL-LANG_*)+LANG_DE:de.index.html

#use wml::std::lang

<lang:new id=de>
<lang:new id=en>

<en>Yet another test</en>

<------------ cut here --------------------->

I've play with the verbose level and that's maybe a hint:
+-- /tmp/ipp.3918.tmp
  +-- /usr/local/lib/wml/include//std/lang.wml

there are two / between include and std. WHY??

Thomas R. Koll

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