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Re: Any way to make XHTML work with WML2.0.2/MP4H1.0.2 ?

On Thu, Jun 29, 2000 at 01:09:54PM -0500, Howard Alexander LaHurreau wrote:

> Is there any possible way to use XHTML with WML2.0.2/MP4H1.0.2,
> or should I just discard the new MP4H and go back to MP4H0.9.5?
> Or perhaps I should convert all of my templates back to HTML4?

Mp4h should generate XHTML as well as HTML, depending on the --expansion
flag.  Type `mp4h -h' (or `wml_p2_mp4h -h') and look at this flag.
Its value by default is 3114=2+8+32+1024+2048, you may want to unset
values 32 and 2048.

For WML, it is more difficult, because all modules have to be changed to
conform to both XHTML and HTML syntax.  As i did not want to break WML, i
chose not to upgrade them now.  But for your needs, it should work as
well.  Try
   wml -W2,--expansion=3082
If you remove 2048, WML generates lots of warnings.

Denis Barbier
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