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Re: Idea how not to need future enhancement of WML - Environment

Salü Franz

Wed, 5 Jul 2000 09:56:09 +0200 (CEST), Franz Knipp wrote:
>> > Another point of view: Imagine three different styles for your web-page: a
>> > text-only-version, a compact graphical version and an extensive graphical
>> > version... You want to write the content only once, with normal text,
>> I "solved" this by using different templates for each
>> subversion and switch between them via .wmlrc
> Ok - this would be a solution for your this case - but I want to use
> different environments at one page!

That is why I mentioned CSS, the cascading makes it

>> What is with your idea when you've got a 200-pages-site and
>> want to _add_ a "new" environment (or style) to it?
> Ok - I see, that now everyone thinks in page styles :-(

Because of the way the existing technologies work nowadays.
I see your point though.

> I'll give another example which I programmed yet:
> <ptable> is a container for a table made of photos and text.
> <ptable:text> is used to put text in one of this cells.
> <ptable:pic> is used to put a picture in one of this cells.

O.k. I use to work with tables straight away at the basic
HTML-code because I need the following <TD>-features quiet often:
 STYLE (Netscapes 4.x CSS-implementation is sometimes a pain)
I think it's more powerful to use basic-HTML coding instead
of "makros" which sometimes do not have the necessary
extensions available.
I also think the effort of creating e.g. <ptable> is not
worth result since it differs from site to site too much
and could not easily be reused in new sites.

> Now, a page using <ptable> looks in this way: (real-world example ;-) )
> <ptable>
> <ptable:text row="3" col="2">
> <P>
> Im April organisierte ich eine Reise f&uuml;r insgesamt <B>40
> Personen</B> der <B>IAESTE Austria</B> nach Spanien, genauer Barcelona
> und Valencia.
> </P>
> </ptable:text>
> <ptable:pic row="1" col="2" src="iaeste/09_01.jpg">
> ....aus der N&auml;he betrachtet...</ptable:pic>
> <ptable:pic row="2" col="2" src="iaeste/09_02.jpg">
> ....noch ganz jung.</ptable:pic>
> <ptable:pic row="1-2" col="1" src="iaeste/09_03.jpg">
> Ein Teil der Gruppe...</ptable:pic>
> <ptable:pic row="3" col="1" src="iaeste/09_14.jpg">
> Auch ein Besuch in meinem Reiseb&uuml;ro stand am Programm</ptable:pic>
> </ptable>

Translated to normal html-code it would look like, correct?

<table border="0" cellpadding="0">
<td rowspan="3" colspan="2">
<P>Im April organisierte ich eine Reise f&uuml;r insgesamt <B>40
Personen</B> der <B>IAESTE Austria</B> nach Spanien, genauer Barcelona
und Valencia.</P>
<td rowspan="1" colspan="2" background="iaeste/09_01.jpg">
...aus der N&auml;he betrachtet...</td>

I'm not sure if I understand your suggestions correctly. To
me it looks a lot like a dedicated site makros.


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