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Question about nested navbars

Hi everybody,

I'm trying for the first time to use some nested navbars, but I seem
to have a problem with the resulting layout in the html file. In
short, it seems like the submenu is inserted before the
<navbar:epilog> of the main menu entry (after which the submenu appears)
is processed. I'm not sure whether this is supposed to be this way, or
can be changed, currently I'm just not sure how to fix it. 

The effect can be seen at http://www.aspetersen.de/services_d.html

As you can see, the vertical menu structure is interrupted. This is
caused by a misplaced <navbar:epilog> entry, which in my case is just
"</td></tr>". This can be fixed easily manually, as I did for the
English version of the same page:
(All I did was move the "</td></tr>" to the right position)

I attached the relevant section from my navbar include file (the code
for the two German menus,main_deu and serv_deu) below. How do I change the
menu structure so that wml creates the correct html code?

If anybody can suggest what to do, I'd be grateful.

All the best,

# Main menu
 <navbar:define name=main_deu
        imgbase="./img" urlbase="<get-var BASE_DIR>"
        txtcol_normal="#000000" txtcol_select="#ffffff">
    <table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0">

  <navbar:prolog>         <tr valign=top align=left><td> </navbar:prolog>

  <navbar:button id=german img=eng_*.gif txt="This page in English"
  url="<get-var WML_SRC_BASENAME>_e.html" hint="This page in English">

  <navbar:button id=home img=start_*.gif txt="Start" url="home_d.html" hint="Startseite">

# the submenu gets inserted after the following entry, but before the 
# <navbar:epilog> is processed.
  <navbar:button id=services img=dienstl_*.gif txt="Dienstleistungen" url="services_d.html" hint="Dienstleistungen" menu="serv_deu">
  <navbar:button id=about img=ueber_*.gif txt="Über uns"
  url="about_d.html" hint="Über uns">


	<td><img src="img/left_bottom.gif" alt=""></td>

# Submenu
 <navbar:define name=serv_deu
        imgbase="./img" urlbase="<get-var BASE_DIR>"
        txtcol_normal="#000000" txtcol_select="#ffffff">

  <navbar:prolog> <tr valign=top align=left><td> </navbar:prolog>
  <navbar:button id=sem img=sem_d_*.gif txt="Seminare" 
  url="sem_d.html" hint="Seminare">
  <navbar:button id=work img=work_d_*.gif txt="Workshops" 
  url="work_d.html" hint="Workshops">
  <navbar:button id=cons img=cons_d_*.gif txt="Beratung" 
  url="cons_d.html" hint="Beratung">


Stephan Petersen                           sp@gtt.lth.rwth-aachen.de

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