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Re: Question about nested navbars

Hi Denis,

thanks a lot for the quick reply.

> This is indeed how it is supposed to work.
> A workaround is to define in main navbar an empty epilog for selected
> items:
>    <navbar:define name=main_deu [...] >
>       [...]
>       <navbar:epilog></td></tr></navbar:epilog>
>       <navbar:epilog type=S></navbar:epilog>
>    </navbar:define>
> and define header of submenu to ``</td></tr>''.

This doesn't seem to help either, and you already had the right hunch what
the reason would be :-)

> You may still have problems with the javascript code inserted by inner
> navbar, i guess i have to divert all javascript lines into <head>
> section.

You're right, the javascript code gets inserted right before the epilog,
and thus the effect is the same...

In case you plan on changing something about the javascript location, let
me know, I'll gladly try out a wml snapshot.


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