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Re: [wml] Problems with define-tag

Hi Denis,

I guess this must be some side effect. I am trying to convert some
navbar-Magic Tobias did from WML 1.7.x to WML 2.0.2 and just don't get

The error I get is the following line (after path 2):

    $CFG->{EPILOG}->{N}->{'any'} = 

There is of course something missing after the = but I just can't find
out how this line is created in the first place.


> And how did you write it with define-tag?
>   <define-tag MAGICK endtag=required whitespace=delete>
>   <perl>
>   BEGIN{unshift @INC, "/usr/pack/imagemagick-4.2.9-to/solaris/perl/"};
>   use Image::Magick;
>   </perl>
>   </define-tag>
> What does not work?

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