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Re: [wml] Re: [wml] Problems with define-tag


many thanks, I seem to start understanding the problem.

On Mon, 17 Jul 2000, Denis Barbier wrote:

> > Hmm, this didn't really help. And I think that the group-tags are
> > needed, there are several lines belonging to the <ifeq clauses.
> But there is only one token in each clause: <navbar:define>...</navbar:define>

Ah, that's one token? So much for my understanding ...

> Fortunately, your MAGICK macro is divided into 2 parts: initialization
> of Perl variables, and processing.  The latter may be protected with
> <protect pass=2>...</protect>.  In the former, replace quotes by qq
> Perl operator:

OK, this seems to have done the trick, at least the stuff
compiles. Will have to look at it at work tomorrow, don't want to mess
up the real site, but in lynx it looks ok ;-)

Thanks again and cheers,

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