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Re: ePerl and language-dependent output

> > Is there a way to make the per-language calls inside 
> > <define-tag get_current_lang> more elegant and "automatic" (so that when
> > new languages are addes, they're automatically processed too)?
> Just use perl_get_current_lang instead of get_current_lang ;-)
> Quite surprisingly it does what you want.

But not when the call to <perl_get_current_lang> is *outside* of any
language-dependent section, right? I mean,


won't work, at least according to my experiments, and what (little) I
understand of wml passes :-)

> I improved wml::std::lang yesterday at home, but did not commit the
> changes, so i will comment them tonight.
> They may also help you about the JavaScript problems. With lang:current,
> you could check whether Javascript code is inside a lang slice, e.g.
>   <define-tag javascript endtag=required>
>   <divert HEAD>
>   <if <get-var lang:current> "[LANG_<upcase <get-var lang:current>>:">
>   [...]
>   <if <get-var lang:current> ":LANG_<upcase <get-var lang:current>>]">
>   </divert>
>   </define-tag>

Great, I'll check that tomorrow!


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