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Re: ePerl and language-dependent output

> > But not when the call to <perl_get_current_lang> is *outside* of any
> > language-dependent section, right? I mean,
> > 
> > <body>
> > <perl_get_current_lang>
> > </body>
> > 
> > won't work, at least according to my experiments, and what (little) I
> > understand of wml passes :-)
> But 
>   <body>
>   <get_current_lang>
>   </body>
> will produce the same output.

Now I'm stumped! :-) But that's basically how I use it (with a proper
call to wml like "wml myfile.wml --include=include-2.0   
-o '(ALL-LANG_*)uLANG_E:myfile_e.html' -o '(ALL-LANG_*)uLANG_D:myfile_d.html'",
of course)...

Did you really try it out? If I just use <perl_get_current_lang>, the
output will be the same in both html files, independent of the actual
language. If I use <get_current_lang>, and thus branch off into the
various languages, it works fine...


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