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Re: mp4h problem with diversions

On Thursday 20 July 2000, at 17 h 30, the keyboard of Denis Barbier 
<barbier@imacs.polytechnique.fr> wrote:

>   <define-tag endtag=required footer>
>   {#Footer:%body:#}
>   </define-tag>

It works fine, thanks. The on-line documentation still give examples with the 
non-preferred syntax.

> Indeed, what does <<Footer>> mean with old syntax?  It may be a dump or
> <Footer> inside brackets.
> > /var/tmp/wml2/lib/exec/wml_p2_mp4h: ERROR:/tmp/wml.17849.tmp2.wml:862: EOF 
> > when reading body of the `footer' tag
> > ** WML:Break: Error in Pass 2 (rc=1).
> Well, this means that mp4h is not able to find </footer>.
> When a container tag is defined, it must have an end tag.

I know but it wasn't the problem. The problem was with the above syntax 

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