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[wml] New cool stuff in wml-SNAP

Hi again,

Firstly web interface to this ML has been deeply improved.
Here are some very cool stuff new in wml-SNAP.

* On May 1999, Stefan `Sec` Zehl requested in
  to be able to nest lang tags, e.g.
     (de) Referenziere: <lang:star:href: index.*.html|index.html>
     (en) Referencing : <lang:star:href: index.*.html|index.html>
  On December 1999, Jan Holler had a similar request

  I was then unable to provide a solution because i focused on
  There was in fact a very simple solution, which is when entering one
  language to discard all others.
  Two new tags may be of interest: <lang:current> displays current language,
  and <lang:list> the list of defined languages.

* POSIX regular expressions are replaced by the powerful PCRE (Perl
  Compatible Regular Expressions) in wml_p2_mp4h, which allows Perl
  regexps. For instance, pass 6 substitutions in <lang:area> have been
  replaced by Perl regexps in pass 2, which made the item above

* Getting tired of looking where to fix warnings and errors reported as
  ERROR:/tmp/wml.11485.tmp2:19: ... ? Be happy, WML now tells you in
  which file you have to look at. Line number in this file is also
  displayed, but this information is less reliable.
  These informations are displayed in warnings of passes 2 and 3.

* Javascript code between <javascript> and </javascript> is now diverted
  to the HEAD section.  This solves a bug reported by Chris Marston in
  about function scope.  
  This diversion cannot be made automatically.  But if the <head> tag is
  defined and is a complex tag, it is assumed to be defined as in
  wml::std::page, and <javascript> body is passed to this macro.
  So even if you do not use wml::std::page, you only have to define
     <define-tag head endtag=required>
     <divert HEAD>%body</divert>
  and make sure you use starred form <head*> ... </head*> for HTML tags.

  Stephan Petersen spent time testing this with multi-lingual navbars
  and reported many problems.  They are hopefully fixed now, but
  required some kind of magic because language slices have to be also
  put into HEAD section when Javascript code is language-dependent.
  It is always possible to discard this diversion with the `nohead'
  <javascript> attribute.

* All WML modules have been updated and WML is now hopefully XHTML 1.0
  ready.  This means that if in your input file all simple tags contain
  a trailing slash, you are able to output XHTML 1.0 files.
  By default, trailing slash in simple tags attributes are still removed
  to conform with HTML standards.

Hope you will find these enhancements useful.

Denis Barbier
WML Maintainer
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