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RE: "tidy", doctype, and "summary" attribute in tables

> "tidy" likes to complain about missing "summary" attributes in
> <table> tags.

What is tidy?

I lately used wml to generate some html files that were DOM templates for
enhydra and had similar problems with table summaries, ids in html tags and
so on.

> While I can of course easily add them for my own tables, 
> wml tags like <tul> and <grid> are a bit trickier.

I usually don't use such existing wml::* tools, but I did something like

<define-tag t2 endtag=required>
        <preserve id>
        <set-var %attributes>
        <tr id="<get-var id>1">
                <td class=lt colspan=2 height=5>&nbsp;</td>
        <tr id="<get-var id>2">
                <td class=mt>&nbsp;</td>
                <td class=mt width=100%><b>
        <restore id>

Here you can use t2 like this <t2 id="abc">. The upper tr gets the id id1
and the lower one id2.

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