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Problems with href


I use a perlskript to randomly insert a link from a file containing
all possible links. I do this in this way:

In my template-file:

/------ gp.wml-----------

some commands

<define-tag tipp>
<: perl-commands stolen from a randomsig.pl :>

other commands


rest of file


This inserts a random link in place. Now I want to use href, so all
links are wirtten in this way.

<href url="$(ROOT)/link1.html" name="Link 1">

The problem is that <href> is not converted into real links, because
they are converted in pass 1 or 2 as written in the manual, and my
perl-insertion is made in pass 3.

How can I solve this? I need <href> because I have to use
$(ROOT). Some files are in subdirectories and must link from there.


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