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slice 1.3.6 hangs on a file

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I had gotten and compiled slice 1.3.6, and it works fine (the speedup for
large files is great), except for one thing - it seems to hang /as the 9th
pass of wml 2.0.2/ on one of the files from the Debian web site. I tried
running it under strace and with -v3.

strace -ff -o log wml -q -D CUR_YEAR=2000 -o UNDEFuEN:related_links.en.html@g+w related_links.wml
[...what seems to be normal stuff...]
Process 27456 attached
Process 27456 detached
Process 27457 attached
Process 27457 detached
Process 27458 attached <-- slice process[1]
Process 27433 suspended
[hangs there, eating 100% CPU, until interrupted]

Everything is attached. The "log" file is the log from using wml -v3, and
log.27458 is the log of the slice subprocess that hung.

It worked with slice 1.3.4. This is on Linux 2.2.16, glibc 2.1.2, Perl

Denis Barbier recommended this version of slice for building www.debian.org
etc, but we can't upgrade until this problem is solved, so please help
quickly :) If you need me to provide anything else, just ask. TIA!

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