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From version 1.7 to 2


Well, I just downloaded the last version of wml and I've got some trouble for passing from v1.7 to 2.0

My navbars are all "scratched". Well, what I mean is that all the navbars and subbars are displayed
by wml whereas I selected ony the main one !

Here is the portion of code for navbars and how I "call" them :

#use wml::des::navbar

<define-container subbar>
  <if <or
        <match "$(select)" "%0">
        <match "$(parent)" "%0">>
#         %body
          > >

<define-container subsubbar>
   <if <or
         <match "$(subselect)" "%0">
         <match "$(select)" "%0">
         <match "$(parent)">>
 #          %body
          > >

<navbar:define name=base imgstar="bouton-n:bouton-o:bouton-i"
 imgbase="$(IMG)" urlbase="$(ROOT)"
 txtcol_normal="#FFFFFF" txtcol_select="#FF0000">

  <navbar:header> <table border=0 cellspacing=0 cellpadding=0> </navbar:header>
  <navbar:prolog> <tr align=left><td>  </navbar:prolog>

  <navbar:button id=Accueil txt="Accueil" url="overview.html" img=*-accueil.gif>
  <navbar:button id=Supra txt="recherches personnelles : les supraconducteurs" url="physique/overview.html" img=*-supra.gif>
  <subbar "Supra">
       <navbar:button id=historique txt="<LI><H4>Historique" url="physique/historique.html">
       <navbar:button id=nobel txt="<LI><H4>Prix Nobel" url="physique/nobel.html">


<navbar:footer> </table> </navbar:footer>

<navbar:render name=$(name) select=$(select) $(child:+subselected)>

And in the file that "call" navbar2.ben (let's call it overview.wml) :
something like :

#use wml::home::ben-tmpl2 ROOT=. IMG=images navcol=base select=Accueil background=fond_gris_bleu.gif


The point is that I select the navbar "base" but all the navbars and subbar are present in the html file.
Sorry for the (very) long message !

Any help welcome ;-)

Peace -

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