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Hi there,

WML 2.0.3 is available at

Below is a short summary of changes, see
for a more verbose description.
Thanks to all contributors for their help.

  Changes between 2.0.2 and 2.0.3:
    *) Fix compilation of ePerl with threaded Perl 5.6.0 (03-Sep-2000)
    *) Fix wml_intro.pod (03-Sep-2000)
    *) Upgrade to mp4h 1.1.1 (31-Aug-2000)
    *) Fix problems with @-sign in some module files (29-Aug-2000)
    *) Upgrade to Slice 1.3.7 (29-Aug-2000)
    *) Fix compilation of Bit::Vector with perl < 5.005 (29-Aug-2000)
    *) Upgraded to GNU shtool 1.5.1 (08-Aug-2000)
    *) Upgrade of tidy (06-Aug-2000)
    *) Fix wml_p1_ipp (05-Aug-2000)
    *) New variables WML_SRC_TIME and WML_GEN_TIME (04-Aug-2000)
    *) Add alternative for mouse events (03-Aug-2000)
    *) Add `summary' attribute in tables (03-Aug-2000)
    *) Fix protection in wml (01-Aug-2000)
    *) Allow nestable <protect> tags (31-Jul-2000)
    *) Improve processing speed on large files (30-Jul-2000)
    *) Upgrade of Bit::Vector (24-Jul-2000)
    *) Update all WML module files for XHTML 1.0 (21-Jul-2000)
    *) Add support for modifiers in regexps in wml_p2_mp4h (21-Jul-2000)
    *) Finish import of PCRE in wml_p2_mp4h (21-Jul-2000)
    *) Many fixes for multilingual navbars (21-Jul-2000)
    *) Improve wml::std::lang (20-Jul-2000)
    *) Use Perl regular expressions in wml_p2_mp4h (20-Jul-2000)
    *) Improve <javascript> tag in wml::std::tags (19-Jul-2000)
    *) Fix wml_p1_ipp (19-Jul-2000)
    *) Improve wml::std::lang (19-Jul-2000)
    *) Fix file name and line numbers on warnings (18-Jul-2000)
    *) Fix a bug when using both -M and -W1 flags (16-Jul-2000)
    *) Upgrade of the Bare Bones Guide to HTML (13-Jul-2000)
    *) Upgrade of tidy (13-Jul-2000)
    *) Internal changes in mp4h about regular expressions (06-Jul-2000)
    *) Fix boolean operators (05-Jul-2000)
    *) Improve <preserve>/<restore> stuff (05-Jul-2000)
    *) Fix whitespace in wml::des::preload (03-Jul-2000)
    *) Rewrite wml::*::all files (03-Jul-2000)
    *) Upgraded to GNU shtool 1.5.0 (01-Jul-2000)
    *) Enhanced wml::std::tags' <javascript> tag (27-Jun-2000)
    *) Fix wml::sys::all manpage (27-Jun-2000)
    *) Fix escaped quotes in wml::std::href (24-Jun-2000)
    *) Fix <divert> in wml::std::tags (24-Jun-2000)

Denis Barbier
WML Maintainer
Website META Language (WML)                www.engelschall.com/sw/wml/
Official Support Mailing List                   sw-wml@engelschall.com
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