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Re: [wml] Re: 2.0.3 - bug or feature

Hi Fritz

Fri, 15 Sep 2000 08:35:17 +0200 (MET DST), you wrote:

>> To remove this attribute, write your own epilog program like this:
> YES, power to the user! Or, in other words, "if you don't like it, fix
> it". I at least prefer that to hollering.

:-) Making fun of me?
I don't want to holler(TM). I do not want to critizise wml
or anybody contributing to it, not at all. I'm just
suggesting to focus on production AND on development, but as
separate branches. Please let me shortly explain why but from
the point of view of web-mastering (and not developing):

-A constant environment is necessary for long-term
web-mastering: If one manages 20 sites (with many pages) or
even more over a period of many years, there is much effort 
necessary to change the sources to accomplish to the newest 
development of the central and most important software in
use. I do appreciate the (necessary) changes towards wml 2.0 though.
Development is always welcome!

-For newer sites (newly started projects) the work to adapt
(and the risk to have a failure) is much smaller. The sources 
are work in progress and therefor well known.

-Not anybody (especially if you are a small company trying
to build up a base for living and surviving) has the time
to look at the sources and apply patches (even if the
knowledge is there. On a productive machine you cannot take 
the risk if the next update of a page has to be done any 
minute if one of your customers calls).

-wml's main advantage is the great expandability,
flexiness and power in its use. This suffers a bit when you
have to do work-arounds.

-wml's great advantage over "competitors" in "the market" is
(of course the open-source idea) besides other things the
possibility to produce very clean and short html-code (if
you want so). I do agree with your idea: Power to the user.

Please do explain to me why you would not agree with this
points and why therefor it is a bad idea two have two
branches (aka linux kernel development).

Cheers and please forgive my hollering. It should not have
sounded like that.
 -jan holler(TM)

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