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Discussion about stable/unstable, etc.

Hello WML users and developers!

I see the following problems in the current WML development:

* the development is done mostly by one person - I'd like to split up the
work and I'd like also to contribute, but also with the possibility that
not only one person says, how the syntax will change, which feature will
be implemented, etc. - maybe this was one of the biggest problem of the
2.0.x development, namely that almost everything was done from the point
of view of the developer (sorry, that I've to say that, but it's my

* contribution of modules and enhancements of the existing ones is not
really possible because of the fast changes in the syntax - therefore I'd
like a discussion about the syntax prior than the implementation. Changes
inside the modules shouldn't be necessary in the same major version.

* maybe a developer mailing list would help to do work together - so a
clear distinction between user and developer would be possible, and also
more discussion about syntax changes, implementation details, etc. which
could be boring to the "only users"-group. I don't want to exclude anyone
from these discussions, but most of the developing communication runs
across Denis' mail account (ok, I don't know that exactly, I did it so[1])

[1] mainly because the list server was a little bit slow that time

I'd really like to participate in the future development of WML...

I also want to say that everyone, who contributes to the
development, esp. Denis Barbier, does a great work!

Just hollering(TM) around,

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