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Help needed: I want to choose a random link

Hi all!

I think I am truly the only wml-users with no
perl-knowledge. O.K. I've read the first chapter of the german
Llama-Book. ;-)

I need help from a perl guru. Perhaps there are some example-sites out
there which already solved the problem. I browsed some projects but
with no success.

I want to make pages with random tipps to other pages. Like this: 

|  Foo bar. But read this too!
|  Link 1
|  Link 2
|  Link 3

I tried a skript for random signatures which reads one paragraph out
of a file where the paragraphs are separated with blanks. I described
my problem with this way some weeks ago under the subject "Problems
with href".

The pages are in several subdirs and the variable $(ROOT) is not
resolved so I get wrong links.

Does anybody uses random links and could provide me some code or a
link to the wml-Files?

Thanks a lot!

Der Nikolaus auf dem Tankstellendach
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