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New mailing list sw-wml-dev

The sw-wml-dev mailing-list has been created.
To subscribe, send a mail to majordomo@engelschall.com with in body
   subscribe sw-wml-dev you@domain.dom
Warning: *not* in subject

  Why a new ML?

I read pros and cons of creating a new ML.  Both have valid arguments.
In the past i asked for help several times without much effect.  Of
course some people did help, but there is still a lot to do and i do
not have time to perform all tasks.
So this new list could ease contributions to the WML development.

  What is sw-wml-dev for?

The first goal of this list is to discuss topics about WML development,
e.g. the stable/unstable discussion, repartition of workload between
contributors, who do what, how to improve WML compilation, etc.

  What sw-wml-dev is not

This is not a place for discussions about changes or improvements in WML
syntax.  All changes in WML syntax _must_ be discussed on sw-wml to let
every WML users know if those changes have undesirable side-effects.

Basically this new ML should have no influence on the sw-wml ML because
topics discussed on sw-wml-dev did previously only occur between Ralf
and i by private mail.

So now that this list is up, you have to make it alive ;-)

Denis Barbier
WML Maintainer
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