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Re: New mailing list sw-wml-dev

Sat, 16 Sep 2000 14:50:13 +0200, you wrote:

> The sw-wml-dev mailing-list has been created.

That's a good idea. Thank you.

>   What sw-wml-dev is not
>   =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
> This is not a place for discussions about changes or improvements in WML
> syntax.  All changes in WML syntax _must_ be discussed on sw-wml to let
> every WML users know if those changes have undesirable side-effects.

Great. This will make it much easier to follow the
evolution of wml and to have an overview about what 
possible changes would mean to the enduser.
Both sides will have advantages.

Does to open sw-wml-dev also mean that there could be a
broader discussion about <tags> and html-structures as well?
There could be some "return of investment" in form of more
or more advanced wml-tags or makros.
I like the idea of sharing experiences, tricks, knowledge 
with others, which I hope is now more common on sw-wml.
How about discussions of managing large sites, of using
databases/php3 togheter with wml, of using "corporate"
include file (to reduce work) and more?
wml is Open-Source and I consider my ideas as "Open-Source"
as well (as long as anybody is interested in, of course).


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